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We are a team of experienced engineers, entrepreneurs, and technology commercialization experts. We came together around our passion for aviation and our experience that flying can bring people to a whole new perspective on the world. We formed aero1217 with the mission to transform the aviation industry by accelerating aviation innovation and bringing great new ideas to market.

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Technology Commercialization
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Startup Incubation

Partnered with leading universities, organizations and innovators

We have an exceptional track record in technology and startup incubation, and at aero1217 we’re focused solely on aviation industries. Our uniquely experienced team accelerates the development of new ideas in aviation.

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We are proud to work with these amazing partners, clients and affiliates

Rocket Science Technology Partners

Technology Commercialization

We’ve seen thousands of new technologies, and know how to spot the winners and define the commercial path forward

At aero1217 we use proprietary tools and honed know-how to evaluate and conceptualize the potential of new ideas. We excel at finding partners and customers, and we’re experts at crafting joint venture, development agreements, and licensing and startup deals using our win-win approach.

Sales Acceleration

The biggest problem new products and companies face in the market is gaining sales traction. To address this issue, we co-founded a sales acceleration company called revWorks, which transforms sales into a positive experience and leverages our proven track record in value proposition design, customer and key account acquisition, and sales methodology.

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Partner with us on your aviation business ideas

Connect with us to learn more about how we can partner to develop, commercialize, and accelerate great new ideas that can transform aviation and related industries.