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Our Philosophy

Aviation technology has played a major role in bringing life changing innovation to the world, in part by literally bringing people together from every continent on the planet. We believe we’ve just begun to scratch the surface of new innovation in aviation. The development of new materials, sensors, software, systems, engines and aircraft is happening worldwide, and as this continues, we can expect to see break-though inventions and innovative thinking transform the aviation industry beyond our wildest imagination. We are thrilled to be part of this change.

Our Story

We are a team of experienced engineers and product developers, corporate executives and entrepreneurs, sales acceleration and marketing gurus, and technology commercialization an growth experts. As pilots, we live for the love of flight, and as technology geeks, we love to see our collective ideas lift off. We formed aero1217 with the mission to transform the aviation industry by accelerating aviation innovation and by bringing great new ideas to market.

Meet the Team

As founders of aero1217, combined we’ve managed over 2000 technologies and led programs that yielded hundreds of startups that are beginning to mature and exit. In addition to our Fortune 500 executive and startup leadership, we are experienced from start to finish in invention, technology commercialization, product development, manufacturing, marketing, licensing, and company growth and sales acceleration. We believe in working with exceptional people, partners and clients who are deeply passionate about bringing new ideas and perspectives into the aviation industry.

Jay Schrankler Aero 1217

Jay Schrankler


Pam York Aero 1217

Pamela York


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Anuradha Shah

Business Analyst

Daniel Early Aero 1217

Dan Early

Entrepreneur in Residence

Paul Randall Aero 1217

Paul Randall

Advisor, Electric Flight

Jim Pearsall Aero 1217

Jim Pearsall

Advisor, Electric Flight

The economic outlook is terrific

  • Boeing, forecasts more than 558,000 new commercial pilots will be needed over the next 20 years equating to 28,000 new jobs per year
  • More than 93% of all major airline pilots have a college degree
  • Technicians will be in greater demand. Boeing projects 609,000 new commercial aircraft maintenance workers will be required by 2034
  • The FAA projects 7,500 commercial drones could be aloft within 5 years of gaining widespread access to American airspace.
  • An industry commissioned study predicted more than 70,000 jobs would develop in the first 3 years after Congress opens up U.S. skies.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurism is at the forefront
  • For engineers there are six trends lifting the industry into a new era***
    • Industry Expansion
    • Maintenance & Repair Operations (MRO) capability expansion
    • 3-D Printing
    • Unmanned Aircraft
    • Commercial Space (“Rocket Central”)

We want to connect with you

On aviation industry related inventions, technologies, products, or startups. We are especially interested in new materials, instruments, B2C or B2B software or software systems management, B2C or B2B aviation related services, and engine or aircraft design and manufacturing.