We’re Headed to Oshkosh for EAA AirVenture 2017

We’re Headed to Oshkosh for EAA AirVenture 2017

We’re headed to Oshkosh, WI on July 22nd, and doing our final preparations for AirVenture 2017.


We are excited… this is our first aviation and aerospace show! Can’t wait to get there and be surrounded by people who love aviation as much as we do.


Come hear us present on the super exciting startup and venture capital activity in aviation July 28th 10AM – 11:15 AM on Forum Stage 6.  The world of aviation is rapidly changing, although much of what’s happening is behind the scenes. We’ll give you a perspective on who the major players are and what they’re up to. No doubt you’ll be as fascinated as we are at how innovation and startup activity permeates every industry and is impacting us all, and now in aviation.


We’ll be there all week July 24th – July 30th and would be delighted to connect with you on aviation innovation at our booth in the Innovation Pavilion, booth number IC-14.






Joining us will be innovators, entrepreneurs, engineers, and pilots who we work with, and who share our passion for innovation in aviation. These include entrepreneur-in-residence Dan Early with FlyOver Country, Founder and CEO Adam Geiss of North Star Aerial, aviation startup advisor Peter Bartling, electric flight entrepreneur Paul Randall, and the University of St. Thomas engineering students from our 2016-2017 Engineering Student Design project, an innovative helicopter safety device.


We hope to see you there!


Jay Schrankler

Co-founder aero1217

Founder/CEO Rocket Science Technology Partners

Associate Vice President University of Minnesota Technology Commercialization

and Venture Center

Previous Executive with Honeywell-Aerospace and Automation


Dr. Pamela York

Co-founder aero1217

Founder/CEO Atasi Ventures

General Partner, Capita3